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Many of us breezed through our history classes, memorizing a few dates and learning a handful of events, but most of the details had probably faded by graduation.

However, some historical events are so significant and the effects so long-lasting that they transcend classrooms and live with us forever. Foremost among these is the Holocaust. The atrocities committed by the Nazi regime left a scar across the globe that continues to haunt the remaining eyewitnesses. No novel, film or museum can truly capture the horrors of what they experienced first-hand.

Throughout the intervening years, many courageous Holocaust survivors have shared their stories with us, but sadly, their numbers dwindle daily. If we are going to access these memories directly, before the final grains filter through the hourglass, the time to do it is now.

This is the goal of our new PBS documentary Shoah Ambassadors. We intend to bridge the chasm between the generation who endured the nightmare of World War II and today’s bright-eyed, tech-savvy youths who may have only a limited grasp of what their elders suffered.

Working closely with the Holocaust Memorial Center, Emmy Award-winning director/producer Keith Famie and Visionalist Entertainment Productions, five select Holocaust survivors will be given an opportunity to share their personal histories with two young adults. These two young ambassadors, utilizing their own creative expression, will then become the caretakers of this history.

Throughout the film, we will watch as empathy and respect grows among youths who have previously experienced the Holocaust only through newsreels and reenactments, but who now hear the details of those dark days from those who actually lived them.

Our intention is that these survivors may thus pass the torch of remembrance to a new generation. Today’s young people may not have lived the Holocaust themselves, but they must now become the caretakers of history so that the triumphs and tragedies of these Jewish icons may never be forgotten.

Executive Producers:

John & Carole Kulhavi
Warren & Carol Ann Rose
Frances Rose
Tom & Sue Rau
George & Jo Elyn Nyman

Community Leaders:

Marvin & Betty Danto
Family Foundation

The D. Dan & Betty Kahn Foundation

The Ethel Hyman & Rose Kaplan Foundation

Carol Ann and Warren Rose Philanthropic Fund

Congregation B'nai Moshe
Temple Emanu-El
Donald & Marjory Epstein
Arthur & Gina Horwitz
Rabbi Daniel & Jill Syme
Jim & Cathy Deutchman
Bluma Schechter
Schechter Wealth Investments
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